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Download program Instant download will available - join the forum and access the Mini-generator section.

This program is currently under development

The Teacher Invaders generator is one of our 'mini-generator' applications. These are free basic versions of the commerical ContentGenerator.net software.

Teacher Invaders title screen

Teacher Invaders game screen

Examples Examples of the quiz being used:
  • http://markcallagher.com/?p=168

  • http://www.zut.org.uk/23009.html
  • http://www.jayhuller.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=142&Itemid=208
  • http://www.geogonline.org.uk/y9_shopping_invade.html

  • Further examples can be found via the forum.
ContentGenerator.net icon Feedback from users:
Program features Features:
  • Create your own Flash-based interactive game.

  • Your own game in minutes - type your questions in, press generate - that's it!

  • This game is ideal for terminology or definitions.

  • Player gets 20 seconds 'game time' for each correct answer.

  • Easily link your quiz into existing online materials - ideal for intranets, websites and VLEs.
Program requirements Requirements:
  • The generator program:
    Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista.

  • Finished quizzes:
    Any device with the free Adobe Flash Player installed.

  • The games you generate can be uploaded to a website, used on a school network or just directly from an individual PC. The Flash game can be used on any computer or device with the Flash player installed.
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