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HoopShoot generator

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SCORM compliance appearing very soon with V3 update - free upgrade]
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individual] and £99.99 [site licence]
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Purchase the HoopShoot generator now - instant download available.
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Program features Features:
  • Create your own Flash-based interactive basketball game

  • The player is asked a question - if they get it correct they have the opportunity to try and 'Shoot the Hoop'.

  • Based around Multiple-choice questions the game offers a one player, two player and time challenge option.

  • Your own game in minutes - type your questions in, press generate - that's it!

  • The game can be used an a wide variety of situations - is fantastic with a entire class via an interactive whiteboard and projector.

  • Easily link your games into existing online materials - ideal for intranets, websites and VLEs.

  • [Coming soon - SCORM compliant, meaning scores can be tracked with your VLE.]

  • Your purchase is for the generator program - once purchased, you can generate an unlimited number of games.
Examples Examples of the game being used:

There are many examples of this game being used online - try some of the links below, explore the Showcase section or just do a quick Google search... icon Feedback from users:
  • "Just to let you know that I did the urban zones version with two year 11's today, they loved it, thought it was brilliant and we laughed at their shooting. The girls really enjoyed this one. I did the option to move on after a wrong question, and they really liked the 'your rubbish' wrong answer noise. A winning formula."
    by Tony Cassidy -

  • "It was an easy download and install.... only took a few minutes to complete a new game. Everything works very well! I love the new game. Thanks!"
    by Ms. K. Garrett -

  • See the community forums for further feedback.
Get Flash PlayerProgram requirements Requirements:
  • The generator program:
    Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista. Also works with Intel Macs via Parallels / VM Ware.

  • Finished quizzes:
    Any device with the free Adobe Flash Player installed.

  • The games you generate can be uploaded to a website, used on a school network or just directly from an individual PC. The Flash game can be used on any computer or device with the Flash player installed.
Program development Development
  • Version 1.0 released on [when it is]

  • Following extensive and successful beta testing, the finished version is launched.


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