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On Target?

Penalty Shootout box
On Target? generator

Menu item This program is currently in development - see our forum for details
Menu item Generate your own SCORM compliant interactive Flash learning games
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[current beta version]
Purchase Purchase:

Purchase and download options will be available when the first beta is release
Examples Screenshots:

Taken from the latest beta version:

On Target - 'bottle bonus'

On Target? game over

On Target? SCORM usage

Program features Features:
  • Create your own Flash-based interactive challenge game - how good is your aim?

  • Each correct answer gives the player 5 shots in a fairground-style game - try to shoot as many ducks and frogs as you can.

  • Whole application has been carefully designed for ease of use. The generator interface allows you to save and load your data files. You can thus easily differentiate, adapt and improve your games.

  • SCORM compliant, meaning scores can be tracked with your VLE

  • Your purchase is for the generator program - once purchased, you can generate an unlimited number of games.

  • The game can be used an a wide variety of situations - will be fantastic with a entire class via an interactive whiteboard and projector.

  • Easily link your games into existing online materials - ideal for intranets, websites and VLEs.

  • Based around multiple-choice questions the game will offer a one player, two player and 'multi-player' options.

  • Your own game in minutes - type your questions in, press generate - that's it!
Examples Examples of the game being used:

Under construction
None available yet - game and generator program in development icon Feedback from users:
Get Flash PlayerProgram requirements Requirements:
  • The generator program:
    Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista. Also works with Intel Macs via Parallels / VM Ware.

  • Finished quizzes:
    Any device with the free Adobe Flash Player installed.

  • The games you generate can be uploaded to a website, used on a school network or just directly from an individual PC. The Flash game can be used on any computer or device with the Flash player installed.
Program development Development
  • This section will contain information about the development of the program - currently the following information still needs to be updated fully.


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