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Are you keen to make effective use of ICT in your teaching?
Interested in
innovative, engaging, exciting yet practical and beneficial teaching tools?
Do you want to experiment with
eLearning without any of the hassle?

Penalty Shootout game from ContentGenerator.netWelcome to the solution - ContentGenerator.net

This teacher-created site offers you the tools to generate your own games, quizzes and activities. Exciting ICT-based eLearning materials can be created with an absolute minimum of effort. Our unique software gives you the chance to harness the power of Macromedia Flash but without any of the technical issues. View a demonstration of the ContentGenerator.net concept.

The ability to customise and create games or activities according to your requirements is fundamental to successful eLearning. You can tailor the challenge to your students' specific needs. As you can save and edit your data files, you can easily create different versions of your eLearning activities. The Flash files you produce are ideal for use on interactive whiteboards, school networks and webpages - you have the freedom to create exactly what you want.

Macromedia Flash is a fantastic educational tool, but requires technical ability. ContentGenerator.net software removes all the technical issues - allowing you to concentrate on the content. You add your own question data and generate your own versions of our engaging, award-winning and challenging online activities.

We really believe we have an unrivalled product that will be of great use to teachers and trainers. The affordable prices for schools, teachers and students make them an essential tool for anyone interested in the potential of e-Learning. Explore our first product - the Penalty Shootout Generator - available for £24.99 with no limit to the number of games you can create.

This page is being fully completed. It will soon offer a demonstration of what the ContentGenerator.net products offer. For now, you may wish to look at the individual product pages on the right-hand side.

Click here to Open ContentGenerator.net concept demonstration in Full Screen Window

What is Flash?

Flash is a web-based method for producing animations, presentations, and other interactive content.  It allows for creation of rich multimedia, while preserving small file sizes for easy downloading.

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This page will provide an interactive presenation on the ContentGenerator.net concept.
Currently this page is being updated.

Interactive Diagram Generator image

ContentGenerator.net programs allow you to generate your own versions of games, quizzes and activitivies. You can instantly create your own versions of award winning and engaging eLearning materials.

Is simple:

1. The program allows you to enter your own questions, information or relevant content.
You enter, edit and manipulate the data as you require.

2. You can then customise your activity with your own logo and add hyperlinks so it fits seamlessly into your own website, intranet or custom eLearning solution.

3. Then simply press 'Generate' to create your game.

4. Because you can effortlessly save and load your data files, you can easily edit and develop your activity. You could, for example, differentiate the activity to make it easier or more challenging for different classes.

This is the basis of all the ContentGenerator.net programs. Through my award-winning eLearning websites I have developed these activities. They are now available to everyone at an extremely affordable price!