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Multiple Choice Generator - Version 1.0 now available for immediate download

This ContentGenerator.net application is available for free

The Multiple Choice generator can be downloaded via the ContentGenerator.net forum. It is freely available for any not-for-profit use.

This program allows anyone to generate their own Flash-based multiple-choice quizzes. The use of Flash means that the quizzes can be used on any webpage, learning environment, intranet or just a single computer.

You have a choice of three different quizzes:

  • The Big Quiz - designed for interactive whiteboard / projector use - see example.
  • Quiz + Text - a mini quiz together with a customisable rich-text area - meaning you can provide users with a reading text or even a mini-webquest - see example.
  • Mini-quiz - a mini-quiz that can be added to an existing page or used as part of a larger development. Ideal as a quick quiz to engage users - see example.

This software has been created to provide teachers with a really simple way of creating engaging eLearning exercises. It features a number of new developments which will also appear in the more developed pay-for programs. This includes the ability to enter any number of questions- for example allowing a quick 5 question summary quiz can be created. In addition you only need to enter one incorrect answer allowing the development of more varied questions.

This software showcases the quality of ContentGenerator.net programs.

Menu screen
Basic menu screen - offering ability to create a new quiz, load an existing one or visit the ContentGenerator.net website.
Questions screen
Question entry screen - here you enter your questions. New feature: enter fewer that three correct answers - e.g. true / false.

Extensive customisation options - here you can select the colours of your quiz - background colour and foreground text.
Text input screen
Add your own quiz text - accompanying information to go alongside your quiz. Full formatting and colour control.

The software allows anyone to create their own interactive Flash quiz without the need for programming skills or any additional expensive software. You type your questions into the interface, make your selections and then press 'generate'. The quiz is then instantly generated.

As with all the ContentGenerator.net applications the produced files can be used on any system. The quiz uses Macromedia Flash 7, which is installed on over 90% of computers and is freely downloadable.

Additional screenshots, example applications and further details will be added very soon.