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Posted 27 February 2007 - 08:49 PM

This is the release Practice Paper 1.0 RC 2.

RC stands for 'Release Candidate' and this signifies the application can be used on your own websites.

This provides additional updates from RC 1 as detailed below. I believe this program is now ready for its full release, but want to check that everything works as expected by those who have been keenly following its progress.

As usual, please made sure you uninstall any previous beta versions before installing this one.

Removed due to the release of 1.0

Notes and updates with this release
  • Printing now improved dramatically. Progressing from the last release which allowed you to print from each individual question, you now have extensive printing options at the beginning and the end of the exercise.
  • New menu options on exercise index page
  • Additional graphics - making the finished practice paper exercise more engaging and accessible
  • Menu option allows printing - option to print all questions or all questions and answers before working on the exercise
  • Menu option - information - where the user is given ideas how to use the exercise
  • Menu option - name and exercise options - here you can select timings and questions and enter a user name
  • Menu option - dynamically changes depending on how many questions you have. If you have more than 6 it offers you 'all, 5 random and 1 random'. If you have 6 or fewer it offers you 'all, 3 random and 1 random'.
  • Timings - you can now fully customise the timings for the exercise - set exactly the time limits you wish
    [NOTE: If you are loading data from previous releases, you will need to change these settings as an error will occur if you don't set any time limits. This only applies to data from older releases - new exercises have no problem]
  • Printing - any entered name appears at the top of any printout.
  • Printing - now fully functional - within each question you can print the current question, answer + model answer
  • Printing - at end of exercise you have a new printing option - here you have five different printing options to select from and use. Allows the user to print off exactly what they want to.
  • Question handling - now questions are always shown in the original order unless a random option is chosen by the end user when they are setting their options. The full printout of questions (and optional answers) is always shown in the same order.
  • When uploaded to a website, the finished exercise uses a javascript file to ensure that the Flash file is displayed and all the question data is correctly loaded. Update: if the javascript file is missing or the .swf file is viewed directly an error message now appears to inform you about the need for all three files.
  • If you generate your exercise and view it on your own computer, you may have to adapt your security settings to view the exercise. There is no problem doing this, it is merely due to Flash security restrictions.
Please leave any feedback or ideas in the Practice Paper 1.0 RC2 feedback thread.

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