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Walk the Plank 3.0 by Andrew Field Icon
29 November 2008 - 12:17 AM
Last Updated
17 August 2009 - 04:04 PM
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This is the first beta release of Walk the Plank 3. It is fully usable but will be updated with additional functionality in the finished version.

Please uninstall any previous versions before installing this one.

Just like the other 3.0 updates, this is a free upgrade for all previous customers yet contains a significant number of new features.

New features:

  • Extensive redesign of the Walk the Plank game - much improved graphics including more realistic sea and additional pirates. Whole presentation of the game dramatically improved and developed further.
  • Question appears without the answers - to encourage students to think of ideas before seeing proposed answers. Answers appear when you move the cursor over the pirates - hopefully a massive improvement on the existing game.
  • Brand new design with custom icons and a professonal new look - large clear icons on the new start screen together with a consistent set of functional icons across the bottom of the screen.
  • Can upload your own background image to use behind the main game - allows you to extensively customise and personalise the game - very useful feature that I will integrate into other programs as appropriate.
  • Produces fully SCORM-compliant packages - which can be uploaded to any SCORM-enabled VLE. This allows you to track the scores and usage of the game. It has been created and tested for Moodle but will work with any VLE. Passes percentage score back to the VLE.
  • SCORM + standard generation all in one program. As well as the ability to generate a single .swf file (as before) you can now generate SCORM compliant games. Fully integrated with the existing features.
  • Game 'intelligently' adapts to its role - when SCORM selected it automatically adapts the game so each attempt is controlled by the VLE rather than the game itself.
  • Ability to produce a separate webpage with a list of the questions in the quiz. Instantly extends the utlity of the program. For instance you could put this list of questions on your site before students attempt to complete the game - or it could be a homework task or even a written one. Should help integrate the activity into other parts of your lessons. Easy to print off, upload or copy and paste into an existing page or VLE.

Development still to take place:
  • Ability to edit the teacher comments within the game

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